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i was bored while looking for games i can play with a gamepad then i foud this it's very fun and i tried my switch controller and it worked your the best i rate it 5 stars.

glad to hear it

I have an xbox 360

will you be able to tell me when you can fix it?

unfortunately, no. I have no idea.

i fixed it. i just had to update my chromebook.

it will not work on chrome book xbox 360. Any advice?

Ah, sorry, I dont know. I dont have access to a chromebook at the moment either, unfortunately.


I can't get it working with an Xbox 360 gamepad in Windows 10.   Any advice?

If you have access to a Xbox One controller, can you verify it works with that? Otherwise, I am not sure :|

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pretty awesome cases gamepads tester whilefun i really enjoying it your the best developer ever and i mean it your a best developer out there on

Thanks :)

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I have discovered this gem that scratches at level 10 Mohs scale while searching "Gamepad Tester"!!!

cool and good. extremely Duper Awesome!!!

Recomended, download to make sure it works!

I would say, this is a Digital Fidget Toy that Perkedel is inspired to make out of this.

Glad you liked it :)


Can we get a linux version too? This might be helpful for when I'm dealing with userspace driver programming.

Linux build uploaded :) I have not tested it, and cannot really support it, but I hope it works! :)

eheheh! I wish there was a version for mac as well :D 

Good point! I can build one and post it, but I won't be able to test it as I don't have a mac. I'll list it as such. Thanks for the reminder! :)

Mac OSX build uploaded (untested, though)